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Relaxo Domeswear

Established in 2004, over 20 years, Our logo itslef holds power to stand and compete with other top brands. We ensure the quality must maintain over the quantity with dedication and passion.

Kitnashak Rekha

Kitnashak Rekha Chalk, the ultimate solution for a cockroach free environment Our advanced formulation targets and eliminates cockroaches swiftly and effectively providing long lasting protection.

Mosquito Coil

Dengue Don offers higly effective Mosquito Coils to keep your surrounding free from mosquitoes and protect your family from mosquito-borne diseases.

Mosquito Repellent Incense Stick

Our no-mosquito incense stikcs are the perfect solution for keeping peeky mosquitoes at bay. Made with a blend of natural essential oils, these incense sticks emits a pleasant aroma while also repelling mosquitoes.

Safety Grains Ampule

Safety Grains Ampule is a ready mixture of EDCT It is an effective fumigant. In India it is used to control the insect pest in the grains.

Liquid Blue

Discover the magic of Relaxo Supreme Instant liquid blue, you key to dazzlingly white and bright clothes. Specially formulated to banish yellowishness and refresh your garments.

Toothbrush and Tooth Powder

Kulli provides high quality toobrushes and tooth powder to ensure excellent oral hygiene for you and your family.

Cough Syrup and Pain Balm

Dua provides reliable cough syrup and pain balm formulations to alleviate discomfort and promote quick recovery.

Lip Balm for Women

Miss Anam Lip Balm is a luxurious fusion of natural ingredients, including soothing strawberry extracts, nourishing Shea butter, hydrating Jojoba oil, and rejuvenating Almond oil. Pamper your lips with this hydrating formula, providing essential moisture and relieving dryness for a silky-smooth pout.

Lip Balm for Men

Our Men's Lip Balm uniquely designed to give men's lips the moisture and care they need. Formulated to provide intense hydration and nourishment, this lip balm is a daily essential for men. Pamper your lips with this delightful product, perfect for your everyday routine.

Newspaper Column for Women Empowerment

Pyari Nyari is independent newspaper column specially made for women empowerment and confidence. Take a note that the column is delivered from women to feel confident and radiant.

Newspaper Column for Farmers

Newspaper Don Kisan delivers timely news and updates on agriculture,providing valuable insights and information to farmers for better decision making.